Buddhist holy sites: A visit

Sukhothai is an ancient Buddhist city.

Its sights are on par with Angkor Wat, Borobudur, and Bagan.

Secondary sites are Ayutthaya, Rangoon and Prambanan Hindu temple complex.

This visit of mine to Sukhothai completes my visit to all the Buddhist and Hinduism holy sites in Southeast Asia.

Buddhism in China A Historical Survey by Kenneth Chen is one of two books by him on Buddhism and China.

Kenneth Ch’en

The Chinese Transformation of Buddhism is his answer to those who posit that Buddhism, an Indian religion, once received into China, during the Han dynasty, has changed China.

Both are excellent. Dated, but still the best survey in the English language.

Lwh @ on the road to Sukhothai from Chiang Mai and back.
19 to 21 Dec 2023.

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