Divisions in Christianity and Conflict between Taoism and Buddhism in China – Part 1

A. Kenneth Curtis, J. Stephen Lang, Randy Petersen

Religious divisions afflict the minds and souls of its believers. It is thus taken seriously by the emperor of the day.

As Constantine the Great said” Division in the Church is worse than war because it involves eternal souls”.

Most of us are familiar with the Council of Nicaea in Asia Minor of 325 AD called by Constantine the Great.

It settled the dispute of whether Jesus is God.

Pastor Arius of Alexandria argued that Jesus is divine, but not God. The Council of more than 300 bishops, less 2 bishops and Arius, held that Jesus is indeed God.

God is one substance, consisting in three persons. This is the Trinity doctrine propounded by Tertullian.

An excellent book for Christmas reading is The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History by Curtis, Lang and Peterson, 1991 published.

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