English bookstores in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

There are two excellent Kinokuniya English bookstores in Bangkok.

They are at Siam Paragon and at Central. Their variety and stock are better than Maruzen and Tsutaya in Kyoto.

In Chiang Mai, a good 2nd hand English bookstore is Gekko @ the new town, 10 min drive from The Shangri-la Chiang Mai.

Gekko brings back fond memories. Here yearly, a good friend Peter Mooney would patronise during his 1-month meditation retreat in November.

He would buy, read, and then pass me the books. Each book has the Gekko sticker on it.

In Bangkok you can go to the Dasa at Sukhamvite which I have reviewed in an earlier posting. They also stock a good collection of vintage jazz and classical CDs.

Lwh @ Chiang Mai
19-20 and 21- 22 Dec 2023

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