In the Shadow of the Rising Sun

Christian Henriot, Wen-hsin Yeh

This 2004 book is a collection of 14 essays on how the inhabitants of Shanghai lived and survived in Shanghai under Japanese occupation.

An interesting essay is one based on the memoirs of Liu Yan Ru, a Communist Party member.

The essay details how Liu, based in Shanghai, smuggled war parts and supplies out of Shanghai to Communist- controlled areas in eastern and central China.

He used family and relatives to make, hide and move the goods. If family help is not possible, he used monies to pay third parties for help.

Shanghai was not a city at war after 1937. China was also not conquered like France. China had 2 different groups i.e. the Kuomintang and the Communist fighting the Japanese. Thus, it is wrong and too simplistic to draw comparison between say the Resistance in France and the War of Resistance in Shanghai.

This is an interesting book.

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