The Art of Living Simply

Zhenheng Wen, Tony Blishen, Craig Clunas, Cheng Ji, Ming Zhong, Hardie Alison, Maggie Keswick

The Ming dynasty was a time where Chinese civilization continued to progress.

The advances allowed the literati class to aim and live a refined life. They cultivated The Three

Perfections, live a life in harmony with nature and surround themselves with all the finer things in life.

Here are 2 books written by Ming literati’s on how to live The Simple Life. A life where one lives in simplicity, albeit reserved to the rich, with apology to my accountant Chan CT.

The Elegant Life of the Chinese Literati was written in about 1615 -1620 by Wen Zhen Heng. He is the great grandson of Wen Zheng Ming, one of the 4 great masters of Ming painting.

The Craft of Gardens was written by Ji Cheng in 1631.

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