Emperor Huizong – Part 2

Patricia Buckley Ebrey

This magnificent 661- page biography of Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty is a wonderful synthesis of the life of Prince of Duan from birth on 2-11- 1082 to death on 4-6- 1135, age 52, amidst the bigger forces of chance, fate, and destiny.

He had reigned for 25 years from 1100, age 17 to 1125, age 42.

His ascension to the throne shows the large role chance played in his life.

Had his elder brother the Emperor Zhezong not died at the young age of 23 , had he died not without a son, had the Empress Dowager Xiang not chosen him over his elder brother Bi Prince of Shen, had the Empress Dowager not overuled Zhang Dun, one of the Four members of the Council of State, who had proposed Si Prince of Jian ( on the ground Si and Zhezong came from the same mother and thus closest in blood ties , Huizong would never have become Emperor.

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14 Feb 2024

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