The Transformative Journey of Chinese Buddhism

Kenneth Ch’en, Jacques Gernet, Franciscus Verellen

When Buddhism spread to China from India it evolved to respond to the challenges posed by an older philosophy/ religion then existing in China known as Taoism.

These interactions have resulted in Buddhism having a substantial impact on Chinese culture and artefacts.

Kenneth Kuan Sheng Ch’en, John Kieschnick

It has also resulted in Buddhism evolving to more dynamic sets of beliefs that ultimately gave rise to the Mahayana school of Buddhism and The Chan School of Buddhism.

These 5 books are the best books on these topics.

Isabelle Robinet

Taoism by Isabelle Robinet, a French professor of Chinese surveys the history of Taoism in China from the 3rd century BC to the 14th century AD.

She sees Taoism as foremost a religion, more than just a philosophy or a way of life.

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