The Reid Commission’s Legacy – Part 1

George L. Peet, Joseph M. Fernando, J. M. Gullick

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The Malayan Independence Constitution of 1957 was drafted by the Reid Commission.

The task was not an easy one as the Commission was tasked to draw up a constitution that can address and at the same time balance the competing interests of the three main races as well as the role and concerns of the rulers.

A unique feature of the Reid Commission is that it’s six appointed members were all non-Malayans.

Why was this the preferred option? How were the members chosen?

These are some of the interesting enquiries that formed the subject of a doctoral thesis submitted to the University of London in 1995.

This book ‘The Making of the Malayan Constitution’ is a revised version of the thesis. It was published in book form in 2001 by its author Joseph M Fernando, a history lecturer in University Malaya.

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