Zhou Enlai

Jian Chen, Barbara Barnouin, Changgen Yu

There are 5 substantial biographies on Zhou Enlai in the English language.

A Political Life was published in 2006 by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Published on 7 May 2024, Zhou Enlai A Life is the latest definitive biography of Zhou Enlai, the first premier and eminence grise of the People’s Republic of China, who protected his country against the excesses of his boss Chairman Mao.

Was he a hero or a compliant accomplice of Mao for the excesses of the Cultural revolution?

As Mao the Great Helmsman was steering China into a storm, Zhou the first officer, fought behind the scenes and prevented the ship from sinking.

Some would say without him protecting Deng and other moderates, China would not be where she is now.

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