Zhou En Lai A Life – Part 3

Jay Taylor, Alexander V. Pantsov

The Xian Incident, (12–25 Dec 1936), is a major turning point in Chinese history.

The incident refers to the arrest of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi) by two of his own generals, The Young Marshal Zhang Xueliang (Chang Hsüeh-liang) and General Yang Hucheng (Yang Hu-ch’eng).

Zhou En Lai played a major role in the Xian Incident. He was in some ways instrumental in the treason committed by Zhang and Yang. Why?

Arising from his arrest and terms for release, Chiang Kai Shek agreed to peace with the CCP and fight the Japanese together with the Red Army. Why?

Chiang Kai Shek never forgive The Young Marshal. He had him arrested, tried and put him under house arrest in Nanjing and ultimately in Taiwan till early 1960s. He finally left for the US in 1991 and died in Hawaii in 2001 age 100.

Yang was arrested and imprisoned, and in 1949 Chiang Kai Shek secretly ordered his execution.

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