Journeys to the East: Robert Bickers’ Insight into British China

Robert Bickers

These 2 books by Robert Bickers explore the presence of the British in China.

Britain in China narrates the British presence from 1900 to 1949. The story is told through the lens of the ordinary British traders, missionaries, businessmen and settlers. This is a dull book.
China Bound is the story of one of the Taipans of Hong Kong and Shanghai.

John Swire & Sons may not be as famous as Jardine Matheson, but they are the owner of Cathay Pacific.

Bickers tells us that many of the travellers to China embarked in Liverpool.

The dock areas of Liverpool are a UNESCO heritage area celebrating its role as a major port in the 19th century. When I last visited the area, I saw many plaques commemorating the sailors and communities that helped built the China trade.

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